Monday, 23 June 2008

The Monsoon Frog Can Swim

That anuran superstar, the Monsoon Frog, went for a swim last weekend. Yes, it is the Dry season and no it was not just any swim, but the Pee Wee’s to Fannie [note the correct spelling all you wags] Bay swim across Darwin Harbour.

Conditions were arduous for the 139 competitors, seen here at the start. There was a 25-30km/hr strong wind gusting to 40+ km/hr, blowing directly across the swimming track direction. The tide was coming in behind us, something positive, but it was quite rough and very choppy, with lots of white tops. Makes for difficult swimming, and very hard to see the marker buoys, even though they are quite large.

The race is about 2.2kms, and the winner, a young local "gun swimmer" completed the swim in about 32 minutes. A few minutes slower than last year’s winning time, when the race was in good conditions. Last year’s winner did not compete this year, but I suspect his time may have been slower this year too.

The Monsoon Frog battled on, for a creditable 53+ minute time, about 5mins better than last year. A very good time, considering the conditions. Must be those old surf swimming skills coming to the fore again. As a young toad, he did very well in competition surf races in heavy and tricky surf conditions.

Yes, there has been some serious training over the past few months, but over the past month even more serious issues of a big work project out of town intervened and training stopped for a while, as well as a subsequent trip interstate when it was too cool to do swim training. You do not contemplate cross harbour swims without some training. But it was a toss up whether to swim or not.

But I am glad I did.

But even better……….the Monsoon Frog is now a bit chuffed. He won the old fartz age group!

The Monsoon Frog emerges as a winner!!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Creative Blogging

"They" say that blogging is good for the soul.......but hell, with current life's pace how do you fit it in?

Somewhere between rushing out to do the shopping, repairs around the house, mowing the lawn or exercise or where? A late night solitary note in the semi-dark, maybe. It is not that creative thoughts are not leaping into the consciousness........far from it. But noting them, working on them and developing them into a useful addition to a blog does take time.

How many blogs have you read recently that have degenerated into useless mush, driven by the paranoia to get something done every day? It is not that we are all newspaper cartoonists, driven by the daily deadline. Is it not better to say it with some style rather than some mindless pap?

THAT should be a useful exercise for all bloggers.

Saying something with panache is, like all writing, an exercise that does extend the brain.

So go to the mindless garbage out there, and do not repeat the same idiocy.

Surely this will bring out the commenters!