Sunday, 29 August 2010

Election 2010 - Ongoing Saga

One week after the election, and we still do not have an outcome at national level.

Remember the Chinese saying.........'may you live in interesting times".............seems it is, and might be for a while yet.

Lots of column inches in the newspapers, and almost any other media. Still.

Most recent comment seen late this evening was that one of the key 'non-aligned" players thought there might be certainity by the end of this coming week.

A friend commented to me today............"do we need them?? Country is still functioning, thanks to the bureaucrats!"

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Election 2010

It was election day in Australia yesterday. I guess we do get to vote, so that is something.

BUT.............the cartoon from the AFR on Saturday, says it best, I think.

We in the NT seat of Solomon, appear to have a newly elected member of the Parliament lower house............a woman, Natasha Griggs, from the CLP. Bye bye Damian Hale - he was voted out!

But at national level, who knows???

Monday, 9 August 2010

Chinese Milk and Dairy Products- More Problems??

Recent reports are surfacing in China about high hormone levels in young children who have been drinking a particular milk brand of powdered milk.

Some children have been tested for hormone levels and results indicate that these are at levels equal to adult women, and the young children have been developing breasts.

The suspicion is that hormones fed to dairy cows to boost production are being found in milk. This livestock production practice is generally banned in most countires.

Comes back to the same you trust Chinese food, especially fresh food imported to Australia?

Other than milk, there are a lot of fresh and frozen vegetables from China arriving in Australia via New Zealand, where they are repacked and get to qualify as "free entry" since they are now ostensibly "from New Zealand".

I for one am very unsure about food quality control in China.............let alone issues around corruption and poor production practices. While milk from China does not come to Australia, it does get exported to some other countries of SE Asia.

read more here-

No doubt there will be more media coverage.