Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hot, Humid, Storms - NO CHANGE

Tis' the crappy weather season. That horrible, still, humid, sticky and HOT time of year - November and December.

If only there was a breeze!!

Last night did cool a little, with a lovely breeze late in the evening. Absolutely necessary.

It has been around 29 - 31C by 0800hrs most mornings over the past week, but it has really been NO breezes that is the most trying. Doing almost anything, and you lather into a sweaty mess.

Normally, most days earlier in November, a breeze had developed by around 1200 - 1300 hrs - and while the temperature does not change much [around 32 - 34C], at least there is a cooling breeze across the body, and you FEEL better. But not over the past week or so, and humidity has been in the 80 - 95% range most mornings, with a hot burning sun cheerfully beaming down.

We are really in the middle of the doldrums, weather wise.............

And most working staff are in full action, trying to complete projects before Christmas vacation. Very easy to be in full sweat mode.

At least that hot sun is good for the solar hot water system!!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Losing a Friend

Well.........sort of, although not as most people will suppose.

A tree is being given the first part of a significant makoeover today. A very large african mahogany. It is a great tree, with excellent timber too.

It is a friend........the only tree still standing on our house block of land, when we purchased the lot after Cyclone Tracy. Not only did it survive Cyclone Tracy, there have been a few more cyclones since then, although not as fierce. All were handled with aplomb and ease. Lost leaves, the odd branch........but still it stands there, magnificent, large and VERY shady. It has grown into a very significant tree providing shade for all of the cul de sac in which we live, a very shady street. So with some reluctance it had to be addressed.

We have been awaiting the completion of undergrounding powerlines, which is now close to finalisation, and remaining overhead lines are de-energised. Time to wave au revoir to our friend, although it is NOT being totally removed. NO!!

But it does need a serious pruning, with many large limbs now over the house, the solar hot water system is shaded and much less efficient, birds are dropping seeds and bird droppings into the spa pool and all over the roof , and there is a danger from some branches falling and maybe causing damage / problems as they weaken and fall.

It has been a bit of a problem........a few weeks ago there was to be a start, but after the monstrous crane arrived, it was deemed "too hard". Anyway, after further deliberations, today is to be the day. A second attempt.

Things went ok for awhile...........limbs were cut, limbs were lifted, limbs were run through the shredder. BUT................a watermain burst, under one of the outrigger placement arms of the monster crane. Oh hell!!!

That required instant repair, as it is the main water supply to all residences in the street.
So work stopped again.

Some limbs are gone............but still more to go.

Until next revoir..................again!

UPDATE - it has not been all good above on the roof either. A broken glass panel on the solar hot water system, and a very serious whack on the side of the hot water tank - it is not leaking, but has seriously damaged the outside galvanised tank, and may mean the insulation will get wet.

Holy toledo........more tree created issues!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Had Enough of Gen Y????

Gen Y can be a difficult group to deal with, especially in the work place.

One Australian, well respected, commentator seems to also have had enough, enough to say it like it really is.

Over indulged, vacillating and unable to complete tasks [ let alone multi task], and expecting to rise to be CEO within the first week of starting work, many fit the image in the article.

Read it yourself.

It definitely pulls NO punches about Gen Y. While many have posited on how to accommodate for this group in the workforce, such schemes may not be the way forward.

It has had quite a lot of site visitors too.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Orchids are Fantastic

Pat's Delight this is called..............a truly great Vanda orchid!

Probably the best of type I have grown of this variety, with the greatest number of individual flowers, each about 80-100mm diameter.

Well worth a little effort to water and fertilise regularly.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Another Day, Another Nick

A life outdoors in the tropics has its drawbacks, with the potential for skin cancer one of them.

Another quite small skin cancer was surgically removed from the lower back today. Means no swimming for a few days, blast it. One at this visit to the skin doctor.................that is good!!!

Six months ago a rather nasty, but undetected by me, skin cancer was removed off the side of the nose, along with four other little beasties elsewhere on the body.

One this time is good, and even better, none on the face or arms, common "places of interest".

Apparently, there is often a peak of activity and skin cancers that develop, with a gradual decline in appearances of the blighters after that. Hopefully, I am on the reducing part of the curve now, although eternal vigilance is still needed!

It is prudent, and good insurance to have a regular six monthly check.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Spring is Blooming - so are Waratahs

While not spring in the tropics, it is in New South Wales.

To celebrate the event, waratahs are flowering - large, glorious, red and beautiful. The state flower of NSW - it is beautiful. Photographed at Katoomba, near Echo Point. This was being grown in a private garden, not as a natural specimen in the bush.

Enjoy it!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Sport, Head Trauma, Crash Test Dummies and Life

Australians love their football. Whether it be AFL, rugby [ the one played in heaven], rugby league [the working man's game] or as a late starter - soccer, oh

But there is a new concept that seems to be achieving a somewhat higher profile. Are our kids who play these football codes being exposed to trauma that might rebound on them and be leading them to an early grave?

That premise is explored in the recent article on the ABC web site about head trauma in footballers. It is real.

As an ex rugby player [of both types] at semi professional level, I sure have experienced a few big hits. Even dislocated my neck playing. But I also find the gratutious heavy handed pushing and bumping, heads included - off the ball - that is common in AFL, as a bit farcical. In rugby you mostly do not have much happening unless involved with the ball. As for soccer, well maybe not heads, but there sure are plenty of knee and leg injuries to make up for less head trauma.

Would you let your children play rugby or AFL after reading this? -

Does it make you think??