Sunday, 25 August 2013

Milk + Coffee - A Complex Conundrum

"What milk in your coffee, sir?"

Will it be ordinary, permeate free, skim, light, A2, soy, lactose free, gluten free, goat, sheep,  or will sir's coffee be plain black?

It is a complex conundrum to decide what your milk choice will be today in many coffee shops.

It is that same issue of choice where too much choice is the problem.  Hark back to the time when a cappuccino was just that and the big question of choice was cup or mug - no, not even a take away.

Is the coffee any better?

While choice of coffee blend has improved, and that itself creates more it worth it?

I admit, I do prefer certain coffee blends  - and a current one from the Brazilian Cerrrado region is a bit of a favourite right now - and best drunk black.

Aficionados might even say - is there any other way than black to drink coffee?

But so many milk choices, so many!  Think of the experimental interactions within a simple [???] cappuccino.  Eleven or more milk choices by shall we say three or four available blends at mild, normal, strong or extra strong  - That is a staggering   11 milks x 4 blends  x 4 strengths = 176 options.

No wonder that barista is sometimes a bit short in the mornings!!! 

Blinded by choice - best to do your own.  If you stuff it up........too bad.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

RAIN - Dry Season Over?

The BOM predicted it - and it was just as they said.

Rain in the evening and quite a bit more the next morning.  Had 7.5mm in Rapid Creek, 8mm at Nightcliff Pool and 10 - 12mm in Northern suburbs, but only 2mm at the Darwin Airport.

Darwin had a taste of the rainy stuff during the week [ 21st], and could the dry season be over?

You would hardly think so this weekend - low humidity and a 17 and 18C overnights.  But the end of August approaches.

A notable end of August coming too - 31st anniversary I am told of the monumental album by Neil Diamond - "Hot August Night" is on  24 August 1972  - [ ]

Monday, 19 August 2013

Changi Airport to Grow ENORMOUSLY

Singapore is planning a bit of growth at Changi Airport.

T4 is coming soon but then Terminal 5 [ T5] is basically going to double the size of the airport again.

So by 2030 there will be  third runway and it will be a whole lot bigger.

More here -