Tuesday, 24 September 2013

That Time of Year - Troppo Season

There are signs, apart from the hot days and hot nights, as well as the high humidity.

These include:

ripe mangoes increasing in abundance

flowering rain trees in profligate colour and then leaving their flowers on the ground

madly flowering yellow Tabeuia argentea trees along Trower Road from Casuarina to the end

tempers shortening, more cross words

increasing use of air conditioners

increasing or even re-instated use of swimming pools and spas [ usually usage abandoned in the dry season as it is too cold for locals]

increased use of liquid refreshments - of all types

lawns growing

tourists leaving town

AND...............last but not least - green tree frogs noisely croaking in any damp place, or at any sign of rain! 

All are now occurring....................must be close to the troppo season in Darwin.

green tree frog