Thursday, 31 May 2012

Great Weather and Great Music Coming

The dry season has finally arrived.  Cool nights, no overhead fans, and then warm dry days.  Temperature range from 17-20 at night and then 28 - 30C in the day time, with plenty of sunshine.

There is so much activity on around the town, with several festivals this weekend, including the Mereepen Arts Festival at the Daly river and a performance in town by Harry Manx, a great guitar player and a devotee of the mohan veena.  What is that you say?

Plenty of information right here.......

But better still, relax and enjoy the sound.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Space - Now Privatised!!

Who would have predicted that in roughly 50 years that us earthlings would move from the very first Sputnik satellite launched with enormous government resources and followed by even more success with government resources  to a moon landing would be able to get it so well organised that the private sector would be contracting to do it instead??

While it may not be imaginable in some of the world economies, the USA has done just that this week, with the first private sector launch of a commercial space vehicle.

Read more here -

And with more commercial flights for space tourism to come too.

In some areas the USA might still be the leading player.  Sometimes though you look at other parts of their economy and wonder.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Bike to Nowhere

While it is now wonderful weather for biking, that will eventually deteriorate to being a bit too hot, especially during the day, by November.

The solution - or at least part of the options - a bike to nowhere = wind trainer.

I have acquired a wind trainer from a colleague who worked with my wife, and who was leaving town.

Still to be set up, it should be a great asset for a late evening ride, or when wet.  It has a hydrogel roller so should be a good addition to allow some more extensive cycling.

And, it might be useful for some knee rehab for me as well as allowing my significant other to hit the bike too.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Life Moves On

Wow........nearly three months since a blogpost.

Floods have come and gone around N Australia and N NSW, summer is now autumn, in fact nearly winter, and at last the dry season has arrived in the north.

Still not really cool, although a few nights below 20C, which is the borderline below which you can turn off the overhead fan at night.  But it is noticeable - days arre drier and you do not lather in sweat if you are working.

I spent a day digging augur holes for soil sampling yesterdy and did not really raise a decent sweat.......a month ago you would be wringing wet after the first turn of the augur!

However, the hole digging had been post poned after I had a accident and hurt my knee while spraying last week.  Unable to walk for some days, had to use all the parts of the RICE procedures plus a doctor's visit and taking anti inflammatories, wear a compression sleeve etc.  Much improved, but not fixed totally yet.

It was a bit of an issue for someone who is not normally prone to either illness or accident.

A dry season to far.