Friday, 15 June 2012


A big weekend coming up around Darwin with the V8 Supercars in town for the weekend, as a major event.  There will be lots of people going, but not me.

The dry season festivities are in full swing - Greek glenti last weekend, deck chair cinema is open and in action this weekend, several open gardens [ including a large orchid garden - mmmmm, might see that], outdoor performances by the Darwin Symphony Orchestra, a decent breeze - so sailing will be an option, but it might be a bit windy for fishing.

Thank God it's Friday!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wine is the Next Big Knock Off by the Chinese

Yes, it is true.  The more reputable and mid to upmarket wine houses are preparing to combat "knock offs" by the Chinese.  And it applies to Australian wines as well, not just the exclusive French wine.

It is a bit of an organised racket, according to some recent articles.

See here -

So, if visiting China, or some other Asian countries, be careful you or the reseller are not being ripped off......big time.

I enjoy a drop of some of the better red wines, at least in Australia.  I wonder if this stuff is also coming to Australia.  Afterall, some fake designer handbags, electronics and other goods have done so.

You are warned!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

What a Great Week - for The Weather

It has been a great week for the weather in Darwin and most of the Top End.

A burst of what has been ultra cool air and a strong SE wind has resulted in cool dry conditions all across the Top End, fantastic stuff!!

Darwin has had a few nights around 14C, with another 3-4 nights predicted around the 15 - 17 C range with days of 27-28C, basically through to early next week and over the coming long weekend.  But with the dry winds, the apparent temperature is much lower - around 12-13C at the low end and 24-25C at the max, with glorious warm and very balmy conditions.  Even pleasant enough for jeans and decent collared shirt, and there was no unpleasant sweat while walking around.  THAT is a change.

Have even had to resort to a light blanket on the bed.

Inland, the conditions are much cooler at night with actual minimum temperatures around 8-10C, and maxing out around 28C.

People have a spring in their step!  It is what makes Darwin, these conditions, and the awful hot humid steamy conditions of November are forgotten, at least with weather like this now.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Facebook - to be Strip Mined?

Australians are well aware of the strip mine.  We dig and send a lot of coal and iron ore from strip mines.

Some pundits are saying Facebook will be strip mined - to obtain value to justify the share prices,or they will fall.  They might anyway!

This link to a recent online article offers some thoughtful insight.

Definitely worth reading ,if you are one of the one in seven people that are users around the world.