Monday, 9 November 2015

BYOW - Bring Your Own Water

How to Reduce Your Water Footprint (Infographic)

How to Reduce Your Water Footprint (Infographic)

It’s no secret that we use a lot of water in our day-to-day lives. However, eating locally and choosing to drink the local water rather than bottle water can help reduce your water usage and footprint. While there are some places where bottled water is certainly the safer option, in most developed countries the tap water must pass rigorous testing. This infographic from Wheels for Wishes  details some ways to reduce your water footprint as well as some details on how much water we actually use.

It has been extraordinarily hot in the NT over the past few days.  Near record maximum temperatures, as well as very high minimum temperatures, so warm that even a dip in the pool is not all that pleasant either.

the inforgraphic is a great reminder that everyone can do their bit to be sensible about water use, and try to bring your own.

Would hardly be a cyclist around that did not carry their own water so follow that example!

Infographic via Wheels for Wishes

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While US focussed there is no doubt the story for Australia is similar.

Remember the common story...........BYOW........yes, Bring Your Own Water

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