Friday, 29 January 2016

When Will It Rain?

As we approach the end of January one needs to realise that rainfall over the past month has been VERY LOW in Darwin.

Quite a burst of wet weather around Christmas.........not much since.

The lowest rainfall EVER for Darwin Airport was 136.1mm.  While there are a few days left this month, and the Met Bureau is talking about a wetter weekend, the reality is..........rainfall has been poor in January 2016.

Records show that officially we have not yet exceeded the lowest record  for Darwin Airport, but close to it [ 132.8mm as of today, 29th January].  However, there may be many other locations around the Darwin area below the 136.1 mm claimed as the lowest on record from 1965.

The average is 427.1 mm and median 418.6mm.  For the record the highest for January was 940.4mm in 1995 and the highest daily rainfall a mere 290.4mm also in January 1995[ the third].

Remember though that full seasonal rainfall for Darwin varies wildly between months, yet still is often reasonably close to the median or average.  Some months still to come!!

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