Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Frog Weather

The monsoon is visiting again.........or maybe it is best to consider it has been here since just after Christmas.

Only been a few days it has not rained since January 1, and many have been very very wet.  Several weekends have received more than 200mm over the 2 day weekend period........makes it difficult to get things done.

Our zoysia lawn has not been mown since a few dry days in mid-January, although the nature strip had a mow when the neighbour did their nature strip area last weekend - really just a light topping.......weather has been poor for grass growing, with rain and overcast conditions.

This morning the forecast was for continuing monsoonal conditions for a few days at least with the possibility of the conditions extending past the weekend.  At least it is not so hot and with cloud cover also reducing the baking from bright sunshine.

It is easily described as ideal frog weather.

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in cane toad numbers / sightings in our street, and we managed to somehow miss eliminating two of the blighters in the front yard over the past few weeks.  First ones actually seen in our front yard  since a year or so back.  Disappeared into the shrubbery and under the house.....out of reach of the weapons of mass destruction.

Vigilance has increased.

But of course the more pleasant green tree frog continues to vocalise in the neighbourhood.

Also had a small [ very small really] yellow tree snake noted in a palm over the past weekend.

Is it just frog weather?

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