Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bike Helmets Reduce Injuries - Latest Research

It seems as if a long argument finally has a solution - wearing a bike helmet does actually reduce injuries for bike riders.

Rarely has an issue evoked as much debate.........with staunch advocates for both wearing and not wearing a helmet.

I have split a helmet in half after an accident caused by a dog hitting the bike at around 50km/hr, after which my head hit the ground first- and not suffered head injuries so I am more pro use than not. I am sure a helmet saved my skull.........and as a family there was rarely much debate by the kids over wearing a helmet while biking after that incident.

Most serious bike riders seem pro helmet use, with more support for not using one in the itinerant bike riding group I think. more here:

And...... wear a bike helmet while might just save your head.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Darwin - What a Ripper of a Dry Season 2011 - So Far

The past two weeks have seen some great cool dry season weather here in Darwin.

As I write this at 9pm at night it is 17C and cooling rapidly. Cool enough for a light fleece or jumper even. Many nights, or rather early mornings have been around 13 -15C over the past two weeks. Up to 28C, if lucky, in the day, but with a few around 25C max. Lots of sunshine too......eleven hours approximately every day.

Truly a magnificent dry season so far, and it seems with more to come this week........predictions of a similar pattern this week, with 16 - 17c nights.

Last year the dry season did not ever get started, and this year has been truly different and a great dry season so far. They say if it gets cool early in the will continue the same way.

Even the swimming pools are very cool - 21C water temperature earlier today on the sign outside the local pool......that is COOL!!

Roll on 2011 dry season!!!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

International Surfing Day - June 20, 2011

International Surfing Day — 20th June 2011

June 20, 2011 marks the 7th annual International Surfing Day (ISD), a day where surfers and surf enthusiasts alike from across the globe join together to celebrate this world-renowned sport. Since its founding, ISD has grown into over 200 separate events in 25 different countries with an emphasis on giving back to the world's oceans and beaches that provide us humans with such awe-inspiring experiences.

It's not just humans that can ride the waves though, hang ten and take a look at ARKive's top surfers!

Perfect 10 for Fantastic Maneuvering

Gentoo penguins may have a funny walk on land, but when they are in the water, there is nothing funny about this amazing talent. Using their feet for powerful propulsion, gentoos can dive an impressive 170m deep in pursuit of prey.

Perfect 10 for Waves Caught

The most common of dolphin species, the short-beaked common dolphin can be found swimming in packs of 10, and sometimes even up to 500 individuals! They are highly active mammals, often leaping out of the water (known as breaching), and slapping their flippers on the water's surface (called lobtailing).

Dolphins are known to use surf as a way to travel on long journeys, and also for sport.

Article continues:

Saturday, 4 June 2011

GONE - to Volvo Heaven

We have had a venerable Volvo 142S in our driveway for a long time. Has served our family well - many trips to and from Sydney as well as the NSW snowfields, across some pretty awful roads at times in the 1970s and early 80s, then as a second car for around town use.
Has not moved for some considerable time.

One son was going to work on it - and renovate it, but left and is now overseas.

Have been under some pressure to move it for quite a while.

It has now left the building driveway, and gone to the Volvo heaven!!

A bit sad really.............

Thursday, 2 June 2011

It's COLD in Darwin!!

Darwin is COLD this morning......a minimum of 14.4C with a low humidity, means an effective temperature of around 9C.

Inland, effective temperatures were closer to 5-7C, with one reading of 4C meaning an effective temperature of -1C..........thats cold!.

And you thought Darwin was never cold! In Alice Springs, quite a few nights in a row below freezing.

Many users of fleece jackets least for a while, as day temperatues of 30C are expected later.

And there are at least a few more days of similar weather still to come according to the Met Bureau.

Toooooooooo cold for frogs to go swimming.